More than depression but not manic

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This website is about  “depression plus”:  more than plain depression, weirder or more ups and downs — but not manic. Familiar? You might be in the middle of the Mood Spectrum

For such people, antidepressants are not the answer.  They can help, for a while, but can also make things worse, sometimes much worse. Not manic, necessarily, just agitated, anxious, irritable, insomniac…

This information is free.  There are no strings. I wrote it for my patients, but over a decade, people from all over the world have been here.

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Diagnosis:  mid- Mood Spectrum depression

Treatment: from non-medication options to pills

You can also use the Table of Contents or the Search spyglass, up there to your right, to tour over 250 pages of information.  I hope you’ll find something useful here.  (If your inner skeptic is saying “who is this guy and why’s he doing this?”  — good.  See About This Site above.)

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