Mood Science: Two Short Books

Bipolar Disorder: Causes and Mechanisms

  1. The genetic basis of bipolar disorder
  2. Brain differences in bipolar disorder
  3. The central role of the biological clock
  4. The biological basis of depression
  5. The big picture

Genes, Stress, and the Brain

  1. Why are some people so affected by stress?
  2. Short genes are involved other mental health problems too
  3. Short genes, alcohol use, and childhood experience
  4. The serotonin transporter gene in anxiety and depression
  5. Hey, where do I get my genes tested?
  6. What happens inside people’s brains when they’re depressed?
  7. Why do some parts of the brain atrophy during major depression?
  8. What is causing brain atrophy in depression?
  9. Some good news: Antishrink molecules!
  10. All the players on one stage
  11. Can the shrinkage be reversed?
  12. Putting it all together