An Audible Recovery

I have a confession. I’m a book lover who rarely reads, but you’ll often find me engrossed in an audiobook, and when the book I want isn’t on Audible I’ll load it on my Kindle and press “text-to-speech.”1

So I’m excited to announce the release of Bipolar, Not So Much on audio, read by Charles Constant for WW Norton, whose voice is as steady and soothing as his name suggests.

Jim Phelps and I wrote Bipolar, Not So Much in 2017 to update his 2004 bestseller Why Am I Still Depressed? The book unfolds in 3 parts.

  1. The mood spectrum. Find out where you fit on the spectrum through self-tests and down-to-earth descriptions of depression, hypomania, mania, and mixed states.
  2. What you can do. Natural therapies, diet, light/dark therapy, circadian rhythm regulation, and all the things that you can do to further your recovery. Includes sections on managing mood at work and in relationships.
  3. Medications. A user’s guide to mood-lifting meds that aren’t antidepressants, from old standbys like lithium and lamotrigine (Lamictal), to newer breakthroughs like modafinil (Provigil) and pramipexole (Mirapex).

Like this website, Bipolar, Not So Much was written for patients, professionals, and anyone who seeks a more nuanced understanding of mood disorders. David Dunner, who coined the term “Bipolar II”, had this to say in his review in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice

“This informative book is easy to read and provides practical information for patients and families. . . . I would also recommend it to mental health trainees.”

David Dunner, MD

Our Amazon reviewers called it…

“A book of great kindness and compassion… A must-read for all psychiatrists and therapists… It made me see things that I didn’t realize were symptoms… The most enlightening and readable book on mood disorders I have ever read… ”

Amazon Reviewers

Although one reviewer identified a risk we hadn’t anticipated…

“Honestly I’m addicted to this book.”

Amazon Reviewer

1For some reason, the text-to-speech feature is only available on the old-school second-generation Kindles