(revised 2/2019)

This website will not gather or ask for information about you; it is completely anonymous. It’s free. No strings. No pharmaceutical company influence.  My goal is to present information about mood problems that might have some bipolar-like features.

PsychEducation.org began in 2001 as a way to explain tricky stuff to my patients and colleagues.  I write in plain english, but also provide references. Skepticism is welcome.  A book version of the main ideas is available, in plain english but fully referenced (originally for professionals but I tried to make it intelligible for anyone who wants all the details).  I’ve also written two books that cover the same material but are simpler to read — not dumbed down but not so detailed.  Here they all are.

The website is not as organized as the books, because it sort of accumulated over the years (but it’s free!). See the Table of Contents link at the top of this page for an overview of the Essentials, the Details, and the Technical pages available.