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  • How to Sleep
    Sleep medications are helpful, but they are not a long term solution, and they usually don’t work all the way. In this podcast we’ll teach you how fix insomnia by harnessing the biological forces that drive sleep.
  • How Buspirone Mixed with Melatonin to Make an Antidepressant
    In 2012, psychiatrists at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital discovered a novel antidepressant. It seemed to improve depression and cognition without causing any significant side effects. There was only one problem. The ingredients were practically free, and there was no way that was going to sell.
  • When Depression Gets Worse on an Antidepressant
    When depression gets worse on an antidepressant, it doesn’t necessarily mean the patient has bipolar disorder or that […]
  • How to Stop a Psych Med
    Swapnil Gupta shares when and how to come off psychiatric medications in this podcast. Plus, tips on cross-tapering antidepressants, and the word of the day: Ephedra.
  • The Antidepressant Calendar: How to “Just Do It” (Patient Edition)
    How do you get things done when you have no motivation? The Antidepressant Calendar is a way to […]
  • What is Bipolar Disorder?
    In this podcast, we get answers from Brett Stevens, an entrepreneur, athlete, and one-time professional gambler who has written about his experience with mania and what he did to overcome it.
  • The Antidepressant Calendar: Therapist Edition
    Behavioral activation is a simple yet powerful tool for depression, especially if you are adding in psychotherapy during a medication visit. This podcast gives therapists and psychiatrists some background on the therapy

Online Books

The Mood Spectrum

1 in 3 people with depression fall in the middle of the mood spectrum (aka bipolar spectrum). Learn what that means and how to treat it.

Antidepressants in Bipolar

Learn whether they work, when they make things worse, and how to come off them

Genes, Stress, and the Brain

How genes interact with stress to shape the brain

The Bipolar Brain

Mechanisms and causes of bipolar and depression

Paper Books

Depression and Bipolar Workbook

30 lifestyle changes you can make that treat depression and stabilize bipolar.

A Spectrum Approach to Mood Disorders

A practical textbook for physicians, nurses, therapists, and those who want to understand the science behind the spectrum.

Bipolar, Not So Much

How the mood spectrum looks in real life, with detailed chapters on natural therapies, medications, and tips for friends and family.


  1. Diagnosis in the Mood Spectrum
  2. Depression is not a Moral Weakness
  3. Mixed States, Depression & Anxiety
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  5. Antidepressants that aren’t “Antidepressants”
  6. How to Choose a Mood Stabilizer
  7. Dark Therapy for Sleep and Bipolar