Mood Swings but not Manic

This website is about  “depression plus”:  more than plain depression. Weirder or more “up and down” — but not manic. If that sounds like your experience, your depression might be in the middle of the Mood Spectrum not bipolar, but not just depressed. More variable, more complex. 

For many such people, antidepressants are not the answer: they can help, for a while, but can also make things worse:  agitated, anxious, irritable, insomniac…

This information is free.  There are no strings. I wrote it for my patients, but over a decade, people from all over the world have been here.

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Diagnosis:  mid- Mood Spectrum depression

Treatment: from non-medication options to pills

You can also use the Table of Contents or the Search spyglass, up there to your right, to tour over 250 pages of information.  I hope you’ll find something useful here.  (If your inner skeptic is saying “who is this guy and why’s he doing this?” , that’s good.  See About This Site above.)

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