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Mood Swings but not "Manic"
        Bipolar II --more than plain depression, but not delusional or psychotic      

The Mood link above takes you to the full story ; including these pages:   

Primary Care Providers' 
Resource Center

Tools and handouts for patients 
to make their care 
easier, faster, better; including:  

Medical Students' Center

Depression is Not a Moral Weakness. 
It Has a Biologic Basis.
Here are the Pictures to Prove It.

The Brain Chemistry of Mood Disorders

Brain Tours: 

  • Mood

  • Emotion and Memory

  • Fear

  • Hormone Control 

Hormones and Mood

Useful Internet Resources

Do your own search for information in medical journals

Searching medications or interactions

Med's for low income folks

Panic Disorder: 
Treatment without Medications 

    Therapy works better months after treatment

To order their  manual, start with just the client workbook (MAP-III), it may be all you need. Here is the link at Amazon. They're about $15.   It's not my manual or anything; I got nothin' to do with this.  

OCD: Don't settle for less than full treatment, including the OCD-specific psychotherapy


 Social Anxiety: 
Treatment without Medications 

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