For a look at all of the psychotherapies for bipolar disorders, see my overview. Here you’ll find a description of the most recently studied approach, it’s great results, and how to show your therapist…. how to do it!

CBT-IB:  Results (to tempt you)

Dig this:  the “control” group was given PsychoEducation, which has been shown to be very, very helpful in getting good outcomes. PsychoEducation was as good as regular old bipolar CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy).  So this new therapy, CBT-IB, was competing against a very effective therapy.  Here are the results:

(if you don’t want to figure out the graph: CBT-IB beats PsychoEducation, big time. Jump to the next section.) In this study, everyone starts out well . The therapy is supposed to keep them that way, prevent relapse into deprssion or mania/hypomania.  Blurry, yes, but just look at how well CBT-IB, in red, prevents recurrences compared to an effective psychotherapy : down is good (everyone was getting medications as needed, that was separate).

Short summary: for prevention of relapse, this new CBT-IB beats one of the most effective psychotherapies.


More, pending…. [August 19, 2017]

The research study:  Allison Harvey and colleagues

The four-page manual:  CBT-IB manual