Update 10/2011

A reader (thanks!) notes that this approach has reached the Readers Digest. Amazing. Except their author didn’t really grasp the key idea: blocking specific wavelengths is crucial, and you need to know the glasses will do that. We’re lucky that UVEX just happened to make the right tint to fully block blue, for $7.

I like $2.50 , the price at the link Readers Digest suggested, but there is only one pair on the suggested webpage that looks anywhere near as amber as the UVEX, and the thing is, we don’t know if that’s amber enough without seeing the wavelength blockade it produces. Why save just $5 and not know?

Besides, although their glasses look much cooler, I grant you — that’s actually a problem, not a benefit. Their model is going to allow a lot of light to leak around the lens, and that defeats the purpose, right? Okay, now you can have a look yourself.