Dr. Tone Henriksen and her colleagues in Norway did the serious research needed to show an old hunch of mine is probably actually true. I’m extremely grateful for all the work they’ve done to show the results below.

The full text of their article is online.  But here’s the key graph, simplified. All patients start out manic, and all were treated with routine medications for mania. In addition, the gold-line group wore amber lenses from 6 pm until bedtime in a dark room. The blue-line group wore placebo lenses (grey, transmitting blue light untouched).  Results:

As you can see, symptoms decreased much more quickly in the amber lenses group.  On this scale, the difference there at the end is very large (the gold group is almost below the threshold for diagnosis of mania, while the blue groups is only slightly improved). And while achieving this improvement, the amber lenses group required only half the big-gun medications (antipsychotics) that the control group received.