(updated 12/2014)

Bipolarity Depression ADHD



9 Alternatives to Antidepressants

Stopping AD’s in Bipolar

Light therapy

Adjuncts with AD’s

(first R/O Bipolar)

lithium 150-45

T3 25-50 mcg

bupropion 150-300

methylphenidate 5-10

quetiapine 25-300

aripiprazole? 5

Oregon Psychiatric Assistance Line for Kids: OPAL-K

ADHD screening & f/u

ASRSv1.1 — shorter; asks only for the main symptoms, no masking of “right” answers, easier to endorse all “yes”

Wender — longer; asks for many details which are irrelevant to diagnosis, thus masks which ones to say “yes” to

Behavioral Activation Therapy guides

Quick and dirty medications guide (if you must proceed without help; works better printed)