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Topic Link and Description
Diagnosis  Diagnosis of depression using a Mood Spectrum approach 
The Mood Spectrum Is bipolarity a yes/no thing, or a “How bipolar are you?” thing?
Mixed States Anxiety can be a bipolar symptom? Yes.
Treatment Treating the middle of the Mood Spectrum
Treating depression without antidepressants
Stopping Antidepressants
Hope  Tried everything and nothing worked? Hope 
Clocks  Dark Therapy
Psychotherapies Psychotherapies for bipolar disorders
Medications 53 individual medication pages
Thyroid Thyroid and Bipolar Disorders
Antidepressants  Antidepressant Controversies 
Causes of Mood Disorders What Causes Depression?
(Not a Moral Weakness)
The biologic basis of bipolar disorder
Hormones Hormones and Mood



Additional Resources