Training Modules

  • Introduction to Psychiatric Differential Diagnosis:  [this says Psychosis in Primary Care but it’s really an overview of psychiatric interviewing and differential diagnosis: a great starting point]
  • SBIRT: the Oregon program for annual screening for depression, alcohol, and drug use problems.
    [Everyone is supposed to get one yearly. You may be asked to do some of this screening in your primary care clinic.]
  • PHQ-9: The most widely used depression scale. Keep scrolling down to see the test itself…
  • Safety Assessment: a rough outline for what/how to screen for safety-related problems

Samaritan Mental Health

  • Dr. Lissman’s Lectures  (to complete the quizzes, enter your name and email address)
  • Dr. Phelps’ website (mostly about versions of bipolar disorder that dont’ look “manic”)
  • Dr. Fallows’ instructions if you’re working with him for half a day

Resource List

  • YouTube videos of things you may not see
  • Carl Rogers’ classic interview.
  • Social Anxiety: decent intro video if you haven’t encountered this prevalent problem. Skip over the elementary presentation of neurotransmitters. Good real life segments on response to rx,  and the science is pretty up to date.  Read a text at the same time though, its kinda slow.
  • Great 10-minute video on Cognitive Behavioral approach to hoarding (scroll to “Downward Arrow” technique)
  • Great description of Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Blueprints Series’ Psychiatry text ($43)
  • Dr. Lissman’s  list of useful documents (click the paperclip, the right-most of the icons, for MOCA, DSM at a glance, MoodCheck, C/L guidelines, and more)
  • Primary Care guide to all psychiatric medications (print then fold pages in half to make a pamphlet; then view; this is not bad as a very rough introduction to the whole picture in primary care)