Jan Fawcett is one of the most widely regarded experts on mood and suicide in the world. I can’t bear to lose these references.  (Because, of course, I agree with them so much…)

On bipolarity in patients with highly recurrent depressions

Fawcett J.   Bipolar Disorder: On the Edge of DSM-IV.
Presented at the American Psychiatric Association meeting, May 18 – 21, 1997

Report on Symposium: “One way to minimize missing treatable bipolar disorders, is to know when to suspect bipolar ‘spectrum’ illnesses. For example, recurring patterns: including recurrent affective episodes, recurrent psychoses, recurrent irritability – or really any recurrent affective patterns, should alert one to the possibility of a bipolar spectrum illness.”


On agitation, mixed states, and suicide risk

Fawcett J cited in Goldman E .

“Severe Anxiety, Agitation are Warning Signals of Suicide in Bipolar Patients”.

(based on a presentation at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic).

Clinical Psychiatry News Sept. 1999, pg 25.  Review of Symposium [no link available]: “I am very aggressive in treating anxiety in depressed patients. I will go to any length to suppress it.” said Dr. Fawcett, [whose] therapeutic boldness is based on his observations of hundreds of cases of suicidality; acute anxiety and agitation are consistent features in these patients’ psychic landscape.