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Everyone else, thanks for wanting to write, or thinking about it anyway. Broken-link reports or feedback are welcome and appreciated.  If the site has helped you and you’d like to support it, you can buy one of the book versions and give it to someone else whom you think might benefit. (Thank you!)

Unfortunately, I cannot help you find a doctor in your area. I have some minimal connections but many fewer than you might think. However, I have assembled everything that I can think of which might be helpful in finding someone in this long essay about finding a therapist/psychiatrist (a chapter that would not fit in my book).

And sorry, I can’t help with your diagnosis or tell you what to do with your medications: that’s a doctor-patient thing, legal, etc. My hope with this site is to give you information that will help you work with whoever can or might be your current provider.

Please accept my apology in advance: as of 2015, my  commitments are such that I can’t reply to each comment. You may not hear back from me but I will see your note.

With those cautions, here’s an email address to use, which you humans can interpret and those spammers cannot:  jimp at  (my website) PsychEducation.org.

Jim Phelps, M.D.