What Happened to the Old Site?

All the old material is here. We’re busy updating it and plugging in some interactive features so you can comment, share, and download stuff easier.

Chris Aiken (that’s me – Jim’s coauthor) joined PsychEducation in August 2020. Jim and I started collaborating 10 years ago when he suggested that “someone ought to validate this Bipolarity Index scale.” I took him up on that, and later we met at a revolving restaurant in Toronto where I told him “someone ought to update your 2006 book on the mood spectrum.” We joined forces on that, and the result was Bipolar, Not So Much and an ongoing Phelps / Aiken column in Psychiatric Times.

Jim started this website in 2000 to bring candid and up-to-date information about the mood spectrum to the public and the professionals who help them through these varied states of mind. His first page is still up, and we’ll be working to keep this living textbook current.

In the months ahead you can expect to see more multi-media pieces on the site (podcasts, etc) and more information on natural and behavioral strategies for mood disorders. Got ideas? Comments, criticisms, and every kind of pipe-dream are always welcome: [email protected].