Overcoming Self Stigma

Embarrassed, self-critical, alienated. Believing that you can’t have a full life, no one will understand you, or that you aren’t “normal.”  All these are signs of self-stigma (get a full list of signs here).

Overcoming Self-Stigma in Bipolar Disorder (OSSiBD) is an engaging new program designed to address self-stigma.

The OSSiBD program takes place in a small group setting in person or online. Participants work through 8 sessions of information, discussions, writing activities, and self-reflection with the ongoing support of the facilitator and other individuals. Participation in OSSiBD is FREE to all who are interested. Materials are available for free to clinicians interested in running OSSiBD groups in their mental health treatment settings.

Check out www.ossibd.com for more information or a group starting soon!

(Cover image from Hope Street Greeting Cards)