Sites of Interest for People with Mood Symptoms
Somehow the webmaster knows very well what's likely to interest to those with mood symptoms.  Nicely organized.
Here's a very active forum (as of 1/15/09) that is well managed, if you're looking for online support. 

Counseling Degree
A remarkable site, extremely comprehensive re: what counselors do and where to get a degree

Bipolar Central
The list of recommended sites will save you a lot of surf-time: they're well chosen.

Shawn Thomas'  not sure yet who this fellow is, but for "recreational" reading on neuroscience, this is a stunningly good collection of links, nicely organized.  If I had a week to play, reading articles, I'd love to spend it exploring this site.  

Bipolar Support Group, Cape Town, Africa
Interesting to know that people with bipolar disorder are organizing all over the globe; this is a very nicely organized site.  

ManicMoment  Greg's a nice guy who built his own site and put his journal online so that you can see what a guy with bipolar disorder is capable of (currently working for an internet server company).  

Winds of Change  Huge support group available online on this site, organized and run by their members.  Visually intricate experience as well.  

MentalHealthNet  One of the most extensive sites on the net.  Check out their list of additional sites, each rated and described. .  

Dr. Ivan's Depression Central  This is one of the oldest websites on this topic. Dr. Ivan Goldberg has assembled hundreds of links, many of which are very useful, and just about all of them are high quality information.  The problem is, at least last time I looked, there's no organizing system to help you work your way through it all, unless you have a specific topic to "search".  You just have to surf around, but it will usually yield nifty stuff. Wasn't it thoughtful of Jean Bradt (Ph.D.) to address that topic? Even
though she's talking primarily about bipolar I in answering this question, the answer is so
good you should read this, if the question crossed your mind.

Mixed Nuts  A remarkable group of people with good energy and a well-organized, extensive site.  Fun to visit.

ShrinkTank  A bulletin board for mental health professionals, originally in "Silicon Valley", run by the energetic Dr. Rob't Bischoff.