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(updated 12/2014)

Bipolarity Depression ADHD



9 Alternatives to Antidepressants

Stopping AD’s in Bipolar

Light therapy

Adjuncts with AD’s

(first R/O Bipolar)

lithium 150-45

T3 25-50 mcg

bupropion 150-300

methylphenidate 5-10

quetiapine 25-300

aripiprazole? 5

Oregon Psychiatric Assistance Line for Kids: OPAL-K

ADHD screening & f/u

ASRSv1.1 — shorter; asks only for the main symptoms, no masking of “right” answers, easier to endorse all “yes”

Wender — longer; asks for many details which are irrelevant to diagnosis, thus masks which ones to say “yes” to


Quick and dirty medications guide (if you must proceed without help; works better printed)