OCD Treatment

First of all, make sure you have OCD itself (perhaps along with bipolar disorder or bipolarity) -- and not OC symptoms coming from bipolar disorder, which is very common. Why does this matter? Because someone's likely to try to treat your "OCD" with an antidepressant medication that can frequently make bipolar disorder worse. But if you're going to take an antidepressant, then you need to make sure you don't have bipolar disorder also, or perhaps all by itself. Here is a lovely essay about how the two can look alike and travel together: "Bipolar OCD Disorder." 

Now, if you do indeed have OCD as such: 

Treatment for OCD usually works best with a combination of medications and an OCD-specific psychotherapy.  Before you go off to look at other OCD resources, I just wanted to make sure you know that.  Look for "behavioral" or ERP therapy to make sure you're getting complete treatment!

A good starting place has been organized by some industrious folks, the California OCD Association.  They have a good Frequently Asked Questions page.