Resources for Primary Care Treatment of Depression and Anxiety 
 (Reorganized 3/2012)

Primary care providers treat at least 50% of the mental health problems in the U.S.Wells.   And have less time to do it than mental health providers.  And have little support for their efforts.  As a small step toward such support, here are resources developed in collaboration with my local primary care colleagues.  

For Kids
Washington State PCP Resource Center
Oregon Psychiatric Assistance Line for Kids:  OPAL-K


 Diagnostic Aids
- Clues on distinguishing ADHD and bipolar disorder in kids-- before using stimulants; 
        -  ADHD screening tools: 

          -  Your guide to diagnosis of bipolar variations (treatment too, if you can't refer) 

Screening Tools      ("How many conditions can a GP screen for?" -- BMJ editorial)